Who knows how many e-mails are sent and received each day…the number is simply staggering. The real question is whether e-mail has always assisted in our ability as a society to effectively communicate?
Why even ask the question? Surely, we can now send messages to virtually anyone around the world (caves in Pakistan notwithstanding) on a 24-7 basis.
The real question here is whether e-mail is becoming an increasingly effective tool for those who don’t wish to communicate or wish to send unpleasant news without having to confront the recipient. Has e-mail become the refuge of the timid or even worse, the cowardly?
Is it easier for a boyfriend to dump a girlfriend or vice versa face-to-face, over the phone or via e-mail? The answer is obvious.
Or how about companies that put job applicants through 12 or more interviews, and then select someone else (which of course is their right)? Do they owe that applicant who invested hours and hours of time and effort at least a phone call? In one particular case, the potential hire received a cryptic ambiguous note stating: “The decision was made to move forward with another for this role due to your debriefs coming back stronger in some areas than in others. Thank you for your interest.”
And thank you too!
The old saying about what goes around, comes around still applies. Fostering relationships is still important. Someday, the person that was cast aside by a callous e-mail may eventually become someone vital to your career or healthy state of mind…..Something to ponder before hitting the “send” button.