“I will never say in private what I wouldn’t say in public,” — John Madden.

President Barack Obama could learn something from the former football coach/broadcaster.

Just assume that anything and everything is on-the-record, and believe me, there will be no misunderstandings. This is just the latest “misunderstanding” when a newsmaker thought her or his comments were on “background” or “off-the-record”, only to find out they were printed, broadcasted, blogged or in this case, Twittered.

Besides when is the President of the United States, the most powerful person on the planet, ever off-the-record? If the Prez calls Kanye West a “jackass” for his poor behavior on an awards show, and then suddenly realizes his mistake and says “Cut the president some slack,” sorry that’s not how the media world works. And did he really want to revisit the Nixonian use of the third-person singular to make reference to himself? http://www.tmz.com/2009/09/15/obama-calls-kanye-a-jackass/

This episode also included the immediate placement of these less-than-presidential remarks onto Twitter by ABC’s Terry Moran, who overheard Obama during a microphone check for a CNBC interview . Clearly, Moran was out-of-bounds. And once again, the power of New Media was illustrated particularly as it applies to a president, a rapper and a country singer…..but the whole incident could have been precluded if Obama would understand that everything…yes everything….is on the record, particularly in this digital age.