The leader of the free world used this turn-of-phrase at least twice during his round of interviews this past Sunday in one case to opt out of criticism of a former president of his own party, and secondly to in effect scold the media for the intense coverage of the screeching debate triggered by $900 billion Obama care.

In all fairness, the Fourth Estate did not interject the race card into the healthcare debate, it was none other than former President James Earl Carter Last week, Carter said point blank: “I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man.”

Who is serving up the cat nip?

When he was asked on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, Obama bobbed and weaved and said “The media loves to have a conversation about race. This is cat nip to the media……” That’s all true, but it was Carter who brought up the subject. Right?…..It’s obvious that Obama didn’t want to engage Carter and set off another round of stories on this issue, so why not blame the media? In some respects, the media is easier to villainize than used car salesmen and lawyers.

That was not the only helping of “cat nip” that was being offered by the Prez…..He also responded to questions posed by “Face the Nation” on CBS by saying that in today’s 24-hour news cycle that is magnified by cable television and blogs that a lack of civility among and between “extreme elements” produces “conflict” and once again that is “catnip to the media.” He added that being rude was a great way to secure one’s “15-minutes of fame.”

If you listen to the president, these cats must be getting really fat…..but who is really offering up the kitty treats?