Back in my Sacramento press secretary days, one frequently heard the motto: “When in doubt; declare victory!”

There were oodles of people about, in our case the Democrats in the State Legislature, that were itching to point out every one of our foibles or defeats (real or imagined) to an appreciative Capitol Press Corps. In turn, we wanted to stay within the bounds of the truth and play up the governor’s accomplishments and accolades.

It is apparent from today’s media coverage that Barack Obama’s team didn’t even know the Prez had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and naturally they were surprised to learn that he won. Macht nichts! It’s time to go out to the Rose Garden and have the audacity to declare victory.


Should he have been a little sheepish since he has only been in office for a little less than nine months, and really has not established that much of a record. Heck, according to the esteemed political commentators at Saturday Night Live, he has no record.

To Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and the White House communications staff, Nobel Prize wins don’t come around everyday. Bill Clinton wanted one so badly, he could almost taste it (no pun intended). Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Forget about being surprised. It’s time to go out and declare victory as there are plenty in Washington DC who will gladly declare defeat for you. And as Harry Truman once said: “If you need a friend in Washington DC, get a dog.”