Got to hand it to da Speaker or if you prefer, da Mayor Willie Brown, for taking Barack Obama’s surprise Nobel win to its most logical extreme.

In his weekly SF Chronicle column, Brown recounts the chatter at the San Francisco St. Regis bar in which a patron asks: “Don’t be offended, but do you think they’re going to give him the Heisman, too?”

Let’s not instantly drop this notion of the Prez mugging with the trophy on a frigid Gotham Saturday night in December. 2007 Heisman winner Tim Tebow is trying to play through a concussion. Last year’s awardee Sam Bradford reinjured his shoulder Saturday when he was body slammed in the Texas-Oklahoma game. Colt McCoy of Texas was shaky in the same game. Jimmy Clausen’s Notre Dame Fighting Irish came up short against USC…..Translated there appears to be no clear leader in the Heisman race, so why not consider the star power of Barack Obama?

The White House didn’t even know that Obama had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and naturally was dumb founded/pleasantly surprised that he had won. Liberal….err… progressive pundits quickly had to scramble to justify what appeared to objective observers to be a premature choice. But let’s give the White House credit for quickly rallying and organizing a Rose Garden ceremony to do what politicians do best, claim victory. Couldn’t they do the same for the Heisman? The president could fly to New York. Chris Fowler of ESPN would serve as the master of ceremonies, and the prez would be interviewed by Lee Corso and/or Kirk Herbstreit. Maybe Erin Andrews could be worked into the mix for even more sizzle?

If you can’t win in Copenhagen, New York is a super consolation prize.

Writing the acceptance speech would not be that difficult. Trust me, the hardest thing about these speeches is appearing to be humble when that clearly is not the case. There is no offensive line to recognize (or take to dinner), unless you count MSNBC, CNN and NBC News. He could state that no one does a better job in evading defenders (or offenders) or being adept at scampering to the left.

Winning the Heisman and striking the pose begs a series of questions: What’s the next honor to be bestowed on the Prez? An Oscar? Emmy? Grammy? Tony? Espy? Pulitzer? How about the Cy Young? After all, he did throw a strike before the Major League All-Star Game.