The reviews are pouring in and predictably they are not universally pretty.

There is nothing that the most recognizable athlete on the planet could do in one volley to satisfy all of his critics. He will deservedly be pounded for not answering media questions.  Based upon his emotional state, just issuing a statement was probably all he had in him. Maybe, we should calm down and accept that at least for now.

Some will say he was carefully scripted, standing before the “Reagan blue” drape with a single microphone, wearing a powder blue shirt with an open collar. They will say correctly that these props were carefully calibrated to resuscitate the “Tiger” brand. Okay then let’s ask the obvious questions.

Was today an important and successful first step in resuscitating that “Tiger” brand? It appears to be at first glance. Was it a vital day in rescuing Tiger the human being from himself? Only time, his actions and future behavior will tell the whole story.

Let’s review the four accepted steps for handling bad news, and this is the Mother of All Bad News: 1.) Tell the Truth; 2.) Tell it All; 3.) Tell it Fast; 4.) Move On.

Did Tiger tell the truth? His statement came across as sincere and it wasn’t cryptic. It sounded like he personally wrote it with some editorial input. For example, he went out of his way to knock down the assertions of domestic violence. Would he lie at this point with his mother sitting in the first row? We should hope not.

Did Tiger tell it all? In one 10-minute statement, the answer is obviously, “no.” Do we know a lot more than we did earlier? The answer is “yes.”

Did he tell it fast? No. This story with as many “legs” as a centipede and has strung on since Thanksgiving. There are plenty more legs to this story through his eventual return to the PGA tour, maybe later this year.

Is he moving on? If heading back to sex rehab, demonstrating through his actions and behavior that he is a good husband and father, and eventually returning to the game he loves constitutes moving on, then Tiger took a very important first step today.