We tend to gravitate towards the campuses with party reputations.” – Nicole Henderson of adult film maker Shane’s World of Van Nuys.

Guess that would include Chico State…

There is the classic college-age problem associated with wrecking the family car.

And then there is the delicate issue with going a tad too far with one’s girlfriend.

And then there is calling mom and dad and reporting that you have been suspended…ah…for being in a porn flick with your fraternity bros.


It seemed like a good idea at the time for the brothers of the Phi Kappa Tau house of Chico State.


Since graduating with my undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California in 1978, I have always been proud of my affiliation with the Phi Kappa Tau national fraternity.

Yes, yes, the USC (Pi) chapter of Phi Kappa Tau closed in 1988 for hazing, but I was there many, many moons before that. The worst I can remember is holding a lit match upside down and speed-reciting the Greek alphabet before my hand was singed. Hopefully, the house can be recolonized at some point.

Since that time, I have uttered a sigh of relief more than once that I am not associated with the Phi Taus from Chico State (Beta Omega).

Last year, the Chico State chapter was suspended for breaking the underage drinking ban on campus. Considering that Chico State and its 37 frats and sororities have endured undergrad deaths associated with alcohol and water intoxication (hazing incident), the drinking ban seems more than appropriate.

Looking back to 2005, one must ask what were the Chico Phi Taus thinking when they decided to mix hormonal college guys with porn actresses and alcohol. Did they ever consider the consequences of what would happen when Shane’s World actually produced and distributed, “College Invasion 6”?

Did these Chico State rocket scientists ever weigh the impact of the Internet when it comes to their “acting” debuts?

In reviewing the “literature” about the Chico State Phi Tau porn movie incident, there appears to be several instances when sanity could/should have prevailed, prompting at least one brother to ask the obvious question: Why are we doing this?

Even though the answer is not crystal clear, there is strong evidence to suggest that the Chico State Phi Taus contacted Shane’s World. Considering that these studs starred in College Invasion 6, it stands to reason that there were five earlier versions of these movies. Arizona State and Indiana were reportedly two earlier venues. Did the Phi Taus watch one of these earlier versions during a stag night, and a bad idea was born?

Okay, the Chico State Phi Taus eventually convinced Shane’s World to send up a film crew, four actresses and two actors for a simulated Animal House-style toga party…but first came the testing for HIV and STDs about three weeks before. Did anyone stop and think: Why are we getting tested? Are there any potential health hazards to avoid?

When the big day arrived in the fall of 2004, the Chico State Phi Taus were required to produce identification to ensure that no minors were participating and to sign release forms. Again, did anyone question: What are we doing?

And just before as a warm up, there was “naked hula hoop” and the time-tested “p…y ring toss.” At this point, you have to know that zero fraternity guys are asking any questions. It’s Zero Dark Thirty…let’s go guys.

And then, it was cameras, lights and hormonal frat guy/porn babe action time. Sounded like a good idea at the time.


At long last, it was then time to pack up the equipment, a last round of hugs, and then to the editing room. The Chico State Phi Taus were ready to become porn stars…or studs. It was all good…until they were suspended.

Since 2005, the pace of digital technology and related social media has accelerated. Think of social media this way: It’s radioactive. Similar to nuclear power, it can illuminate a city or it can turn it to ashes.

For the Chico State Phi Taus, particularly those who participated in the porno, let’s hope their careers were not irreparably harmed. Let’s hope they learned an important lesson about making good decisions. Let’s hope they defer to the brain in-between their ears as opposed to the other brain.

Animal House (shot at the University of Oregon) is a fun movie. Not so sure that I would hire any of the bros of “Delta House” for a sensitive job. The same applies to the “film” stars of the Chico State Phi Tau house.