“I take it very seriously. This is not a TV show. This is part of civics, the Constitution if you will in action, because this is helping millions of people decide who we’re going to elect as the next president.” — “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace upon moderating the third 2016 presidential debate

“No one could watch the final debate and deny that Chris Wallace is among the best in the business.” — Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post

LAS VEGAS, NV – OCTOBER 19: Fox News anchor and moderator Chris Wallace speaks to the guests and attendees during the third U.S. presidential debate. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

There were more than a few who took to social media to proclaim that Fox News Channel’s (FNC) Chris Wallace — not Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump — as the real winner of 2016’s final presidential debate. The event marked the first time that Fox News moderated a general election presidential debate.

In two weeks, Fox News’ Chris Wallace, 72, will once again sit in the moderator’s chair September 29 for the first televised debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Based upon past Nielsen Ratings, the initial debate with its novelty typically draws the largest audience.

Almost DailyBrett and presumably others may be tempted to ask, what can Wallace do for an encore? Most likely more of the same.

Reminds one of the question posed to Sean Connery by People Magazine upon being named the sexiest hombre on the planet. His reply: “There is only one way to go.”

Your author fully anticipates that Wallace will not care about what is being said about his on social media during the course of 90-minute debate. When asked about all the praise he was receiving in 2016, he was gratified but quickly added his late father Mike Wallace of CBS 60 Minutes fame would not allow him to rest on his laurels even for a nanosecond.

‘Who do you have for Sunday?’ — Mike Wallace would have asked his son, if he (Mike) was still among the living.

Taking No Prisoners

“Do I have political opinions? Absolutely. But I have voted for the person, and I have voted for Republicans and Democrats and Independents over the course of my life. I feel very strongly that you try not to let that affect the way you report the news.” — Objective and professional Journalist Chris Wallace

There are those who believe that everything mentioned on Fox News benefits Donald Trump and the Republican Party and thus must be condemned. The nation has long needed a center-right all news station and Fox has filled that gap since 1996. Wallace’s selection to once again serve as a debate moderator is a public relations coup for Fox News.

The other 2016 moderators, Lester Holt of NBC, Martha Raddatz of ABC and Anderson Cooper of CNN, none of their services are required for this year’s debates. Could their collective crying, pontificating and bloviating have anything to do with their exclusion?

Almost DailyBrett contends that Wallace provided the nation in 2016 with a textbook example of how to moderate a contentious debate. Will he do it again? Bet on it.

Chris Wallace has long emerged from his father’s infamous shadow (e.g., ‘Mike Malice’) and has demonstrated at NBC, ABC and Fox News that he is a pro’s, pro.

Will he go easy on Donald Trump in two weeks time? Did he pull punches with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton four years ago? Based upon his previous performance, Wallace will be issues driven (i.e., Covid, economy, health care, law and order, riots and violence …). He will be undoubtedly well prepared and will accept no nonsense from the candidates. Under difficult circumstances, Wallace is expected to be in control.

Wallace will be a tough act to follow for second debate moderator (Thursday, October 15) Steve Scully, C-SPAN political editor, and the third debate (Thursday, October 22), Kristen Welker, NBC White House correspondent.

Hopefully, once again Wallace will set a professional standard that will compel subsequent moderators this year … and every presidential election year … to check their partisan biases at the door and instead draw out real answers from the final two candidates for the most important chief executive position on the planet.