What would happen if there was only one side of America’s story for elite media to cover?

Would journalists become glorified stenographers?

Forget objectivity. Forget professionalism. There would be no need.

What if pachyderm Republicans became extinct as the Whigs and the pterodactyls? There would be zero loyal opposition, and less choice.

What if big media, academics, labor unions, Hollywood, Manhattan and DC elites, professional organizers all realized their fondest wishes? Forget Alphabet, Amazon, Apple or Facebook, the real monopoly would reside with one all powerful political party, the Democrats.

There would be no Donald Trump, much less the GOP. Democrats would reign supreme. There would be no need for checks and balances … except for checks made out to the IRS.

There would be a new-and-improved ‘Great Society’ — “The Greater Society.” How did the first one work out?

The existing model for a one-party America with no loyal opposition is — permissive California with its squalor, rampant crime, homeless crisis, dizzying array of always increasing taxes, record deficits and declining population.

California is dominated by one party with a Democratic governor, two U.S. Senators, a veto-proof state Legislature, and a congressional delegation with 46 of 53 seats held by Democrats.

California’s media, universities, Hollywood, public employee unions, Silicon Valley, trial lawyers, sundry elites and special interests are all aligned with the blue state’s dominant Democratic Party.

It’s a clean sweep.

Disneyland would remain closed in Anaheim, California, but open in Orlando, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Mickey Mouse may even follow Charles Schwab to Texas.

What if this monolithic model was realized for the United States of America?

Democrats in the White House, controlling both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, packing the United States Supreme Court and lower federal benches, and of course, controlling all facets of American life and liberty through invasive stifling bureaucracy?

Would we be basking in the glow of a harmonious permissive Greater Society as long as we wore our masks?

Government Is The Solution”

“I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.” — Actor and Humorist Will Rogers

“Whatever starts in California unfortunately has an inclination to spread.” — Former President Jimmy Carter

“Government is not the problem; government is the solution to all of our problems.” — Text of President Kamala Harris’ 2024 Inaugural Address

Would there be eternal happiness in a one-party, big government America?

Would all Democrats see eye-to-eye on every issue and concern? How would and how much would Wall Street and its retail investors be taxed and regulated? Would there even be a Wall Street?

Would the remaining neo-liberals become just liberals on the dole, anxiously awaiting their direct deposit of their Universal Basic Income (UBI) hand-out?

Would all undocumented be given the right to vote? If America becomes a “sanctuary” country, would there be any need for borders? Come one, come all — register to vote blue over here.

Would there be any need for national defense, let alone police forces? There would be zero military deterrent, only pretty please diplomacy. Will we end the specter of “mass incarceration” by simply opening up correctional doors?

Would our police departments be defunded, replaced by community organizations? Who would answer the 911 call when someone is breaking into your house? A social worker?

Even though political parties are not mandated by our Constitution, true Democracies flourish when there is real competition in the marketplace of ideas.

The reality of one-party states (i.e., China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, California) has proven time-and-time again to fail. Even Democracies with only one dominant party (i.e., Mexico with the PRI and Japan with its Liberal Democrats) have faltered, and are not anyone’s definition of ‘success.’

The historical record of true multi-party states (e.g., France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States) have demonstrated that pluralistic democracy works, it works very well.

To the editors of The Atlantic and other über liberal media, harken against monopolies in the tech space. Do they really want all governmental power and our precious individual freedoms to be placed in the hands of one all-encompassing political power.

Almost DailyBrett will take a pass on that nightmare image.