“Are you excited about Jan. 20?” –– Jane Pauley of CBS News’ gushing question to Vice President Kamala Harris

Don’t remember a similar puffy softball being lobbed over the plate to then-incoming Vice President Mike and Karen Pence exactly four years ago from Mizz Pauley or any other “journalist.”

Almost DailyBrett and a selected few others repeatedly questioned the astounding level of unfairness of the partisan media to the administration of Donald J. Trump. Are they now demonstrating their collective “fairness” to the administration of Joseph R. Biden Jr.?

And how fair is fair?

Now that Trump has departed for Mar-a-Lago, CNN decided this is the time to replace hyper-annoying Jim Acosta as its chief White House correspondent. Don’t want to disturb Joe and Kamala? Is CNN demonstrating its true colors?

Your author as a former campaign spokesman and press secretary for a former Republican governor of California (e.g., George Deukmejian) knew for certain the political sympathies of all of the reporters covering the GOP chief executive. They were then and they are now, left of center.

There is a major difference between yesterday’s devil’s advocates and today’s partisan lackeys for the Democrats. There is no doubt that Donald Trump earned and warranted tough coverage, particularly after January 6. Does that mean that Joe and Kamala will receive the kid-glove treatment from the elite liberal American Media Industrial Complex (AMIC)?

Is Jane Pauley no longer a journalist, but a cheer leader without the pom-poms? Is she finally showing her partisan sympathies? If so, why is she conducting political interviews for any major network?

Will the CNN bottom-third of the screen chyrons radically change today, from being perpetually scolding and reproachful of Donald Trump and any within his gravitational pull, to fawning affection for anyone who the network finds favor (e.g., Biden and Harris)?

Almost DailyBrett’s earliest impressions of the political media were essentially the reverse of the long established practice of the United States Marine Corps (USMC). The corps has always been adept at breaking someone down (e.g., Camp Pendleton) and then building him or her back up in the mold of “The Few, The Proud,” the Marines.

Today’s elite media will not be in the business tearing down Joe or Kamala, but instead will serve as the Praetorian Guard of the new administration. Real objective skeptical journalism will be left to the few on the right, particularly the professionals at The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and The Fox News Channel (FNC).

Media invested in Biden/Harris from a business standpoint include not only the polemics at CNN and MSNBC, but also once respected publications (e.g., New York Times, Washington Post) and the Big Three Networks (i.e., ABC, CBS, NBC). Will they all become essentially the same, offering similar warm-and-fuzzy takes on Joe and Kamala for their indistinguishable left-of-center audiences?

Is The Public Best Served By Warm-and-Fuzzy “Journalism?”

The days of universally respected hard-hitting but fair Tim Russert at NBC’s Meet the Depressed have been replaced by über-liberal polemic Chuck Todd. Watch for his approach to immediately shift from super critical to the White House to worshiping the new denizens of the same venue, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Is Chuck Todd the best NBC can do in hosting the venerable Sunday talking-head news show? Russert must be performing cartwheels in his grave for way too many years.

Almost DailyBrett has deplored what happened to the CNN of Bernard Shaw or the CBS of Walter Cronkite. These icons were even-handed professionals, who as journalists asked the tough questions regardless of their own personal politics.

Can’t even imagine given access to Vice President Kamala Harris and her “First Dude” hubby Doug Emhoff that a Sam Donaldson would ever ask whether they planned to cook together in the next four years.

Having met and responded to Donaldson during the course of his career, Almost DailyBrett can guarantee that Donaldson’s questions would be much more sizzling and would not focus on what’s on the menu for dinner.