“And whatever else history may say about me when I’m gone, I hope it will record that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears, to your confidence rather than your doubts.” — Ronald Reagan, August 17, 1992

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., smiles as he waits to speak during the first night of the Republican National Convention from the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, Monday, Aug. 24, 2020. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

How can a resurgent Republican Party move away from the dystopian Donald Trump practice of stoking our worst fears, and getting back to the optimistic Ronald Reagan appeal to our best hopes?

Almost DailyBrett contends the first step for the GOP is to reject any and all “advice” emanating from the unholy First Estate Troika of the Clerisy: Elite media, university professors and Hollywood. They are committed eternal enemies of the Republican Party, a fact that will never change.

These three forces will eternally marry Donald Trump and his January 6 riot to the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.

During the next two election cycles — the 2022 midterms and Kamala Harris’ run for president in 2024 — the vast majority of lucrative elite media coverage will be about — Donald Trump and his fourth bride, the eventual GOP nominee.

The infinite wisdom of the liberal punditocracy is that Donald Trump is and conceivably will always be the titular leader of the GOP. Didn’t 74 million Americans vote for him for president just last year? Keep in mind these same 74 million voted against Harris and Joe Biden.

There has been only one president in American history, who failed re-election, only to be elected again four years later: Presidents #22 and #24, Grover Cleveland. Trump will not be presidents #45 and #47. He will not be the GOP nominee. Been there, done that.

Instead, Trump has already joined the list of failed one-term presidencies including Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush all beaten four years after putting their hand on the Bible on inaugural day. The Republicans will nominate a new younger leader in 2024, hopefully one with a sunny Reaganesque personality and message.

Your author senses that Americans are sick and tired of never-ending fiery peaceful protests in the streets, defunding the police, skyrocketing crime rates, throwing money at homelessness, rising inflation, escalating interest rates, punishing taxes, and asserting eternal racism with Critical Race Theories and 1619 Projects.

Will there be a 6191 Project? Is America that bad of a nation?

“Is Kamala Harris A Gift To Republicans?”

“I don’t believe you are a racist.” — Kamala Harris raising the issue of race with President Joe Biden, Democratic Presidential Debate, June 27, 2019

“Pundits and donors who at first flocked to her quickly moved on. It was in turn why she resorted to playing the race card against Mr. Biden. No wonder she makes some Democrats nervous.” — Lexington, Veep stakes, The Economist, May 29, 2021

Kamala Harris is not a gift to Republicans as long as Donald Trump remains in the picture. Political parties coming off a presidential loss (see Republicans after Goldwater, after Watergate, after Monica), all come back. The Republicans can rebound and they will.

The time between now and 2024 is a political lifetime. Quantitative analysis, including way-too-early surveys and straw polls in 2021, are what former Vice President John Nance Garner said about his job, not worth a “bucket of warm spit.” There will be a Republican with the courage, conviction, Reaganesque message to beat both Donald Trump and Kamala Harris in three years time.

Liberal pundits and elite partisan media will lay landmines in the path of any Republican standard bearer. That’s a given. The Republicans must grasp they are now the party of Third Estate hard-working folks in the flyover states, who alas don’t have degrees from Ivy League colleges. Their votes resonate equally with those of the elites.

There will only be one Reagan for the Republicans, just as there will only be one Kennedy for the Democrats. A new Republican standard bearer in the post-Trump era must be a happy optimist and flash a winning smile.

Kamala will be nasty; she can’t help herself. Persona matters.

The thought of Kamala Harris as president will unify Republicans like no other. It’s not your race, Kamala. It’s not your gender, Kamala.

It’s you.